• When it all started

    Farmi dairy’s predecessor – Estonian oldest milk producer – Rakvere dairy industry was established and company set up its own production to make the most out of the good quality milk from Estonian farms.

  • Milk factory in Tallinn

    In 1893 forerunner of Tallinn dairy industry started its business after steam dairy machines were set to work by Daniel Callisen. During the next decades this venture grow rapidly. Company was named Tallinn dairy industry in 1936 due to its main facilities in the capital city of Estonia.

  • First new era milk brand

    Tallinn dairy industry launched a first post-soviet era brand Tere. This marked the beginning of customer centric approach towards R&D and marketing in Estonian food and dairy sector. Tere means Hello in Estonian.

  • From producer to brand

    Estonian oldest dairy manufacturer Rakvere Milk AS relaunched its product portfolio under the new brand Farmi. With this new branding Farmi products started to look as good as they actually taste.

  • Acquisition of Farmi dairy

    100% of Farmi dairy shares were owned and an investment program was started to scale up its marketing and production activities to strengthen Farmi’s second position on Estonian market.

  • Hello Japan

    Tere dairy shipped its first milk powder container to Japan. Raw milk commodities made from pure Estonian milk didn’t fail to meet famous Japan quality standards.

  • Number one milk

    This was the year when new standards in the milk category were defined. Farmi launched its legendary 2L high quality milk to market. Soon Farmi became an undisputed market leader on milk category in Estonia and holds that position ever since.

  • Acquisition of Tere

    Sole owner of today’s Nordic Milk bought Tere dairy industry. This marked the new in development of Tere brand portfolio in which some flagship brands like Merevaik or Kohuke have been beloved brands for decades in Estonian market.

  • Consolidation under Nordic Milk

    Farmi dairy AS and Tere dairy AS sole owner consolidated the operations of two manufacturer under one roof. New company Nordic Milk OÜ was established to make management of largest Estonian national dairy group efficient and aligned with companies growth strategy.

  • Plant based portfolio umbrella brand

    Consolidating Nordic Milk’s plant based products under one brand for international market.

  • Future milk factory

    Nordic Milk is today on the active planning phase of its new manufacturing factory located in the heart of Estonia, Paide. New manufacturing facilities with its food innovation lab and state of the art technology will rise Nordic Milk production base to new highs.